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Diversified Plastics, Inc. is a family business started by Rod Reid in his garage in 1976. The company began as a supplier of engineered plastic wear strips for lumber and pulp mills in the area around Missoula, Montana. From those humble beginnings, Diversified Plastics has grown to become a North American leader in plastics engineering and fabrication. Today, Diversified Plastics is led by Rod’s son Brad Reid, and an experienced team of manufacturing professionals. We employ more than 50 people; offer urethane casting, thermoforming, machining and injection molding; provide complete design, engineering and tool and die services; and deliver tens of thousands of parts a year domesticly and abroad for use in a wide range of industries. At its heart though, the company is still much the same as the one founded in Rod’s garage. Our people are as friendly and helpful as they are knowledgeable. We stand behind the products we manufacture.


Tel:(406) 543-6653


3721 Grant Creek Rd.


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