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Welcome to Shield Pest Defense. Take advantage of our "Mosquito shield". Enjoy a pest free home and Yard with our Eco-friendly pest management system. "Eco Friendly" alternative is an effective alternative to traditional toxic pesticides. Our Eco pest management system creates a barrier of protection pests can't penetrate. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee plan which is safe for you and the ones you love, as well as pets. Our unique 5 step process offers reliable protection of 100% pest free. Your technician will remove visible spider webs and wasp's nests along eaves, doors, windows, gutters, and overhangs - paying careful attention to cracks and crevices along the foundation where pests gain entry, and granulation in your grass to stop ants and other crawling friends from entering your property. The inside service is very important to stop the spiders. And last but not least, the wall injection ensures no unwelcome guests coming along the water pipes and getting into your home.


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