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Jerry Kauffman Professional EOS Implementer



Get Traction! As a business owner/leader, you would give anything to make your business succeed and create opportunity for the great people that are part of it. Do you have a great vision for your business, but just can’t quite get your team to understand it? Are you and your people working really hard, but it feels more like churn or chaos than predictable forward progress? Is communication sometimes cautious and careful instead of truly open and honest? I’ve been there before and I would like to help you break the cycle. I can help you get your team 100% on the same page and totally aligned with the vision, disciplined and accountable so there is great execution towards that vision, and acting as a powerful, cohesive, and healthy team. As goes the leadership team, so goes the organization. Together we’ll help the whole organization become aligned, disciplined, accountable, and healthy. That great vision will become reality!


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