Why join the Missoula Chamber?

  • Attract new customers and business partners
  • Advertise and gain exposure
  • Invest in our community  
  • Bring credibility to your business 
  • Network and connect 
  • Gain a voice in government  
  • Access to members-only educational programs and services

For more information on joining the Chamber contact Margit Baake, Membership Director: margitb@missoulachamber.com or (406) 215-1209.

Bronze Member

Get Established. Recommended for startups and new businesses.

For a full list of Bronze Member Benefits, click here.

Silver Member

Business Development. Marketing & Networking for businesses looking to grow. Recommended for businesses with 2-5 employees.

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Gold Member

Influential Partner. Recommended for established businesses working to become business leaders in Missoula.

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Community Leader Member

Community Leader. Designed to give your business the competitive edge. Position yourself in the Missoula market as a Community Leader.

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Visionary Member

Be a Visionary. Designed to place your business in a strategic leadership and marketing position. Elite Membership Status.

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