The Workforce Development, Education and Recruitment Committee is dedicated to providing resources that will strengthen Missoula's workforce and to recruit talent into Missoula. To learn more about this committee, contact Kimberly Hannon at (406) 215-1326 or

Employment Resources:

View available jobs or post a job opening on our Job Bank.

Upcoming Career Fairs:

Committee Members

  • Chair: Devin Holmes, Big Sky Code Academy
  • Co-Chair: Margaret McManus, Allegiance Benefit Plan Management
  • Amita Patel Greer, Montana Code School
  • Beth Burman Frazee, Windfall, Inc.
  • Beth Jaffe, Cedar Mountain Software
  • Diane Beck, Windermere Real Estate
  • Harold Shinsato, Montana Code School
  • Jenni Graff, Missoula Economic Partnership
  • Jill James, Charter College
  • Jodie L. Rasmussen, MCPS School of Extended and Lifelong Learning
  • Josh Kendrick, Opportunity Resources, Inc.
  • Julie Robitaille, Missoula County Public Schools
  • Lev Navarre Chao
  • Lisa Rae Roper, MCPS School of Extended and Lifelong Learning
  • Martha Robertson, Area Health Education Center
  • Monique Fortmann, MCPS School of Extended and Lifelong Learning
  • Natalie C. Jaeger, Missoula County Public Schools
  • Nate Nunnally, Custom West Pest Control
  • Nicole Rieker, JCCS, P.C.
  • Nicole Rush, Missoula Economic Partnership
  • Ralph S. Walters, Big Sky Breakout
  • Robert Farmer, Missoula Federal Credit Union
  • Roger Maclean, UM School of Extended and Lifelong Learning
  • Shawn Horton, AT&T
  • Ted Fuller, Missoula County Public Schools
  • Terry Berkhouse, UM Academic Enrichment
  • Vida Wilkinson, UM Missoula College


  • If you'd like to engage with the Workforce Development, Education, and Recruitment committee, contact Kimberly Hannon at
  • Registration is now open for UM Summer Programs 2018.
  • Download slides from the Bureau of Business and Economic Research's "The Future of Higher Education in Montana" presentation HERE.