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The Black Cat Bake Shop has been in operation for 21 years (since 1997), with 13 of those years working from the Wich’s home. As the demand for their baked goods increased, they began to hire staff who were fondly known as part of the Black Cat “family”. Because baking hours are crazy, the employees were at the house all times of the day and night, and shared many meals with the family. Jackie recalls that some of her best memories growing up were sitting down for meals together with the Black Cat "family”. When the retail shop opened and the number of employees increased substantially, it was no longer possible to sit down and have meals together. However, the Black Cat "family" still remains strong and is an integral part of what makes the Black Cat Bake Shop what it is today. Each member of the "family” plays an integral role in distinguishing the Black Cat Bake Shop from others in Missoula. We strive to provide excellent products and service while maintaining the family atmosphere that makes the Black Cat Bake Shop so special! Next time you visit, take a look at how well our "family" works together!


Tel:(406) 542-9043


2000 W. Broadway


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