"I was really eager for the new LM Alumni Leadership Training Series to launch and have thus far been completely thrilled with the information that Bob has presented and taught to us. He’s not just presented new and helpful information, he’s motivated us to put it to use between sessions. I have had several a-ha moments and find the material useful and inspiring. With so many leadership trainings, books, and courses available today, this stands above not just because of the subject matter, but in the methods used to teach it. I would recommend this as a valuable addition to the LM experience as well as for anyone wanting a new path to understanding their leadership style and improving it from there."

Introducing the Leadership Series 

Presented by Glacier HR Services and brought to you by the Chamber's Leadership Missoula Program.

Program Pricing (Attendance at each session not required - register to attend any combination of sessions, or register to attend them all!):

Leadership Missoula Alumni Association Members: $25/Session

All Others: $50/Session

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About this Series:

If you can't lead people, you can't grow a business, you won't be happy, and you won't have any time for family and fun. The work tuns into a massive job that it seems only you can do. Although this can be rewarding, it is not without costs - emotional and physical. Maybe there is a better way. Maybe it is time to learn beyond the nuts and bolts of leadership and how to apply those to develop a team that will take your business or department to the next level - high performance and extreme fun and job satisfaction. Leadership is like any other skill. You first need to understand the foundations and keys to success, then you need to practice, practice, practice and learn from your mistakes.

Results of Effective Leadership Training:

Organizations with high employee engagement will derive benefits in addition to happy employees: The stock value has higher earnings per share, and the businesses experience 22% higher profitability, 10% higher customer engagement, 25% to 65% lower turnover, 37% lower absenteeism, 28% lower shrinkage (theft), and 48% fewer staff safety incidents. The mean return on a coaching investment was 7 times the initial investment & over a quarter of coaching clients report a stunning ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost.

Meet the Presenters: