We are pleased to introduce the people that have dedicated their professional lives to providing and improving the business community of Missoula. Please take a moment to get to know our staff, as we welcome and encourage you to call or email any of us with your suggestions and concerns - or just to say hello. Our chamber is a reflection of our community, and it's important that we get to know the members, organizations and residents of the community that we represent.


Kim Latrielle


​Kim Latrielle started work with the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce pretty soon after graduating from Missoula’s Hellgate High School. She answered the phones and greeted visitors. Having worked her way up the ranks –and through national Chamber of Commerce educational and professional development programs – Latrielle has been president and CEO since 1996.

​“It’s my job to make sure that the strategic initiatives and policies of the board of directors are effectively implemented,” she said. A nonvoting member of the Chamber executive committee, she advises the board concerning policies, programs and other key initiatives. And, Latrielle – along with the board chairperson – is the public face of the Chamber, working with constituencies throughout Missoula’s public and private sectors to promote the Chamber’s goals and priorities for the area business community.

​​While she works toward consensus during office hours, Latrielle does her own thing after work: she’s a serious amateur photographer and painter (acrylics and oil).

Director of Finance

Frank Cudia


An MBA whose job title reads “bean counter,” Frank Cudia is not your average bean counter. Actually he hates to count the beans – he’d much rather spend his focused energy on the big picture, the profit and loss ledger lines that tell whether key projects can get done and a business prospers. “I’m not one to worry about minutia,” he said. “I worry about the big numbers.”

But as head of finance for the Chamber of Commerce,everything financial goes through him.

​Throughout his adult years, Frank Cudia has been in many professional positions that involved leadership, creativity, adherence to rules and other pieces crucial to starting, growing and maintaining a solid business. From the U.S. Air Force to electronics / computer technology* to securities and insurance, Cudia has shared his business development mentality with the Chamber since 2007 as the Director of Finance and Retention.

Director of Programs and Events

Krista Clawson


Krista Clawson joined the Chamber Staff in July of 2015 after 12 years as an event planner in the beauty industry. Her passions are logistics and details. She loves seeing a plan come together and believes there is no greater reward than working with community members to make happen.

Krista was born and raised in Missoula. After graduating from Loyola Sacred Heart High School, she attended the University of Montana and pursued an education in History and Journalism. After attending college, she was hired by the Missoula Chamber of Commerce as an Executive Assistant, and soon after promoted to Director of Program and Events.

She is thrilled to be back in a key position with the Missoula Chamber, where businesses and lives can be positively impacted daily. "It is a true gift to live and work in your hometown, surrounded by family and those you admire and respect."

Director of Operations

Kimberly Hannon


Looking at it on paper, Kimberly Hannon’s undergrad degrees in theater performance and anthropology and master’s in political science don’t fit neatly, predictably together. However, meet her, listen to her, and it’s totally clear.

A person who thrives on working collaboratively and in an environment of “organized chaos,” Hannon seeks out the “little details,” the stories, the small pieces of events and folklore that make a person or a regional culture. A traveler since birth (she was born in Thailand and raised in Tucson), “I pay attention to the details of the local people and what they’re doing,” she said. “People have a story to tell and most often don’t have somebody to really listen to them. I find it fascinating to learn the small details of a person, to see how that piece made them who they are.”

“I want to ensure that all members are being touched in a positive way by Chamber programs. And I try to guarantee that Chamber staff have what they need to be successful. In five years I envision the Chamber as a leading community resource that can assess business needs and, through individuals who are Chamber members, can proactively provide and implement business solutions.”

Director of Government Affairs

Clint Burson


​Clint Burson grew up in Boulder, CO and earned a degree in Communication before moving to Montana and adding a Master’s Degree in Public Relations. He has spent the past 9 years as the Copyeditor at the Ravalli Republic in Hamilton where he lives with his wife Jessica, son Jaxson and their pets.

Clint’s interest in public policy/government affairs began as a policy debater in college and has continued to grow ever since. He is passionate about finding solutions that help businesses and communities grow and improve together. He enjoys working with Chamber members to help them stay up-to-date with government issues affecting their business and being their voice in the halls of government.

When not focused on the details of current and proposed policy, Clint enjoys the outdoors - skiing and hiking - as well as photography.